The concept for LA was originally conceived in March of 2005 and was intended to be a specialized tool that targeted Steppers in the Los Angeles area.
Acting as a neutral entity
LA's purpose was to provide information to LA Steppers about activities Steppin' - related activities within the community while facilitating the growth and expansion of Steppin' in the Los Angeles area in general.
However things changed in June 2005 when Los Angeles successively lost several Venues which were popular for Steppin' activities on Wednesday nights.
In an attempt to fill this void
LA added "promotions" to it's repertoire of services by launching it's successful "Steppin Under the Stars" Weekly Steppin' Set Series at Dynasty nightclub in July 2005.
However in September 2005 we began to realize that the popularity of Steppin' was escalating and that it was time to take a "next step" by doing 3 crucial things:
  1. Provide a stable home for Wednesday night Steppin' activities which could accommodate growth as well as provide a comfortable atmosphere for our patrons year round.
  2. Launch a series of Upscale Steppin' events in which LA Steppin' could achieve heightened recognition ... while providing Steppers with a classy, fun - filled night of Steppin' on a night when most people do not have to go to work the next day.
  3. Expand the information and services available on the LA web site to make information more accessible to Steppers regardless of their affiliation or location. In addition to providing information to our patrons - we would also afford them the opportunity to provide feedback to us on a number of important topics in a "user - friendly" manner.
LA accomplished all 3 of its' goals within a 60 - day window that year with the successful launching of:
  1. "Rose - Colored Wednesdays" - Weekly Steppin' Set Series
  2. "Steppin' in Style" - Upscale Steppin' Set Series
  3. The launching of an enhanced version of the LA web site
Although we enjoyed modest success in achieving our goals in the past our work is not yet completed.
LA will continue to work diligently and tirelessly until such time the Los Angeles has taken its rightful place within the ranks of the national Steppin' Community.
Your patronage and support are greatly appreciated!